The full Glasgow International (GI) Festival of Visual Art 2018 programme is now live and ready to be explored.

The GI festival will feature an amazing line up of 268 contemporary artists, in 90 exhibitions, spread over 78 venues in just 18 days during April and May 2018. That’s a lot of art to see, and a lot of fun to be had at the parties too.

We are delighted that not one, not two, but four of the Glasgow based artists currently featured on are exhibiting at GI including Ciara Phillips, Michael Fullerton, Henry Coombes and France-Lise McGurn

Clear your dairy and book your Airbnb, join us here in Glasgow to enjoy some world class art, and if you can't make it in person (or you just want to get ahead of game) take a look at some of the GI artists we are currently featuring. Treat yourself and fill your home with some world class contemporary art, before it flies off the site!


Ciara Phillips, currently in Australia preparing for her show at the Sydney Biennale, will be back in town to present a new print installation at Glasgow Print Studios which is situated in Glasgow’s Trongate 103 arts hub. Ciara’s work addresses feminist issues and she regularly combines photographic images with text to create layered print works in editions or installation form. Check out her recent print 'Throwing Shapes' created in collaboration with artist Michael Stumpf which is now available for From the Studio customers. 

Michael Fullerton will present a suite of new paintings at Queens Park Railway Club in Glasgow’s vibrant southside. Inspired by Allan Ramsay’s portrait of David Hume, Michael will exhibit new paintings of the philosophers living relatives, reflecting the global dissemination and influence of Hume’s philosophies. Michael is known for his portraiture and prints depicting modern and contemporary figures with ties to specific news events or those who carry wider connotations for culture at large. Browse our suite of limited edition screen prints featuring iconic figures including Alan Turing, Sir Trevor MacDonald and Bert Lahr.  

Henry Coombes will premiere a new experimental art film 'Love and Lithium' that combines documentary with cinematic surrealism. The film follows the life of Marcella McIntosh a 68 year old larger than life Glaswegian hell raiser.  In our selection of paintings available to purchase online you can see Henry’s distinctive surreal narratives play out across these works on paper. Henrys paintings are held in numerous private and public collections internationally so start your own contemporary surrealist collection now.


Love and Lithium

a new experimental film by Henry Coombes

Image: 'Love and Lithium' Henry Coombes courtesy of Erika Stevenson

France-Lise McGurn will feature in a group exhibition titled FOUNDATION PAINTING SHOW installed in a British Heart Foundation charity shop. Other painters include Sophie Mackfall,  Victoria Morton, Alys Owen and Mandy Ure. 

Alexandra Petrie