Alexis Dirks


Collectable collage

Shop this gorgeous collection of collaged and constructed photographic prints. Your wall will thank you.

Alexis Dirks produces striking artworks in sculpture, collage and photography that explore connections between nature and culture. She creates collages and sculptures in her studio using a wide range of objects and imagery. She will then photograph them, presenting the digitally printed photographs as the final artwork.

Within the works she brings together arrangements of objects and images. A piece of machined rock, a stalk of dried grass or some industrially manufactured peg board, could be placed alongside images sourced from history books, fashion magazines and local landscapes. Through a playful process of repeating, enlarging, cropping and layering she draws attention to similarities of shape, colour and pattern that occur in natural objects and that are repeated in culture.

Alexis Dirks was born in Winnipeg, Canada in 1982. She has a Masters in Fine Art from the Glasgow School of Art (2009), and a Bachelors in Fine Art from the University of Manitoba (2006). She has exhibited widely in Canada, Europe and the UK and currently lives and works in Winnipeg, Canada. 

Recent exhibitions and projects include History Works Itself in all Directions’ the first exhibition at Blinkers, a new Winnipeg gallery, a collaboration with London based feminist drum hop art band 'Charismatic Megafauna' on Womxn Stage; The Inhabitants of Space, Open Studio, Toronto, 2017; Botched Fabrications on the Foggy Landscape, aceartinc, Winnipeg, 2016; Yellow Font Forest Green, G44, Toronto, 2014; New New Monuments, TRUCK Contemporary, Calgary, 2014. She has received a number of prestigious art awards in the UK and Canada.