Alexa Hare


Alexa Hare is an artist based in Edinburgh.

Her recent exhibitions include Art Monster at Curfew Gallery, Edinburgh, 2018; These fingers read sideways, Fettes College, Edinburgh, 2018 and e e e o ee e i a a e e a , Rhubaba Gallery, Edinburgh, 2015. She was recently commissioned by Jupiter Artland to produce a live performance event ‘Nemoralia’ for Edinburgh Art Festival in 2016.

Alexa also collaborates with artist Francesca Nobilucci working under the name Yokollection. Alexa ran a gallery in her flat for five years, she was co-director of Embassay Gallery 2010-12 and was a member of the experimental pop band PET(KutuFolk Records)

Alexa’s uses collage techniques, such as cut up and digital/video mash ups, to make works drawn from images found in books, magazines and film. Performance, script writing and music also play a role throughout her practice.

The current collection now available was created for her most recent show Art Monster at Curfew Gallery in Edinburgh. The work references contemporary debate around gender, the gendering of public and private spaces and the complexities of parenthood.